Tell the New York City Council to Stop Intro 115

Take Action and Stop the New York City Council From Raising Your Energy Bills

The New York City Council is considering passing legislation that would drastically increase energy bills and energy usage.

This proposal will hurt our City’s sustainability goals and the pocketbooks of homeowners and renters alike in the form of higher energy bills and fines.

Intro 115 would require thermostats to be set no lower than 68 degrees for nighttime hours and 70 degrees for daytime hours. This would effectively:

  • Raise energy costs by double digits.
  • Omit tens of thousands of carbon into the atmosphere each heating season.
  • Make it much harder for building owners to comply with Local Law 97 where the Council is fining building owners who aren’t lowering their energy usage and meeting carbon emission caps.
  • Will not address the root of the problem in poorly insulated inefficient buildings.

With energy costs in New York City already above the national average and families facing inflation, Intro 115 is yet another government money grab from the pockets of hardworking New Yorkers.

If the Council is looking to make New York more affordable and support residents, this bill goes in the opposite direction.

That’s why we all must contact the City Council TODAY and tell them to STOP INTRO 115.

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